Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:48:38
Amen Michael,

I do understand. I have to share a testimony that is so amazing to me and adds to your point below. I woke up yesterday asking the Lord to use me where ever He needed me. The phone rang not long after. It was a friend who lost his job a Christian man and his stomach was in knots, he was having panic attack so I began to minister to him and tell him to meet me and Wil (my husband) and we would pray for him. But God had other plans. The night before I made some CD’s of Win Worley for another friend and I was near her house so I wanted to drop them off. Low and behold she was home from work with neck pain and dizziness. I told her come out to the car because I want to pray for her. I had been sharing with her about demons and how Christians can have them and she was open to the teaching. So she comes out to the car and I begin to come against and call out the demons of infirmity and others. While praying I realized I didn’t have a head covering on and neither did she so I began to look for something. I found my baby’s blanket and a bib do you know once I put them on our heads she began to manifest. She was telling me to take it off and she tried to put her hand over my mouth while I was praying. While all this was going on Wil called me and I told him start praying I put him on speaker phone and all hell broke loose literally. The demons were manifesting they did not like him- Wil said I’m on my way over to help and I’m with Ross (the man that called earlier that morning who lost his job) so they arrive. Now we are in her driveway casting demons out! After we casted out all we could we bound up the loose demons. I realized 2 powerful points 1 is the head covering without it the demons were not manifesting. Ladies if you don’t believe it try it yourself this is a powerful tool and it is real. The other is the power of the man taking authority. In this case it was Wil, once he showed up on the scene you saw this manifestation increase and it was truly powerful. Not only was this powerful to see the move of God but it was a glorious time for me that I could see my husband filled with the Holy Spirit come to help someone. Only 4 months ago he was bound by demons and could not get out of his sin of addiction and now God has set him free to help others!!! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN amazing, glorious and truly satisfying so to your point below the things of this world amenities and so forth are nothing compared to seeing God move to set His people free. Church I am telling you this so that you can experience the power of God in your everyday life not just at the Ministry of Salvation but anywhere people are in need. We are the ones He wants to use – are we usable?? Pliable? Obedient? Are we open to teachings that we have never been open to before? Ask yourself and do the will of the Father there is nothing like it no satisfaction anywhere in this earth. I am truly blessed to be used by the Lord. WOW No matter what you are going through loss of job, sickness, broken heart, rejection, poverty, lack, broken marriage, loss. God will use you if you allow him and you will get your deliverance while doing the work of God it will take you out of yourself your pity party and bring you to new heights, you will be soaring like eagles and God will bless you there. Church this life is not about you! It’s about what the Lord wants to do through you. AMEN

Praise the Living God,



Thursday, February 5, 2009 2:20:45
Hi Michael,


Thank you for checking in we are doing great PRAISE GOD!!! I just can't believe my husband he is like a new man, reading and praising God WOW and fasting (I have never seen him like this) I said to myself the other day "Who is this man" but God has answered my prayers and sent the right people along side him to help him!!!! AMEN. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. And everyone a part of this ministry, this is an exciting time and we have been raised up for such a time as this.

God Bless you & your family,
Love in Christ


Thursday, February 5, 2009 2:20:45
Greetings, from Mariam,


I would like to share a personal testimony of deliverance. On February 1, 2007, I was taken through a complete deliverance telephonically by Pastor Charles J. Costello, of Ministry of Salvation located in New Jersey. I had just completed a 3 day fast. Periodically throughout the fast I would cough and cough uncontrollably - nonetheless, I was determined to continue on as planned without food or drink, until it was completed [today at noon]. After it was broken, I prepared a light meal -- again, the coughing started up, and went on periodically throughout the day. For quite sometime, I have sensed it to be much more than what countless doctors diagnosed as asthma. I have seen people with asthma who could take medication and their attacks would be abated. Yet, I found no relief taking any of the medicines..be it pills, inhalers, or nebulizer treatments. After taking and ingesting what had been prescribed, still there would be no lasting effect or remedy. I had recently moved from Northern Virginia to Northern Georgia, and notice each time the weather would change, it would take an horrendous toll on my body -- a hacking cough like you would not believe! Quite embarassing. The scripture that had come to mind was Matthew 17:21 was it says: "This kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting," and I was convinced today would be a day of complete deliverance and victory! It was around between the hours of 4:30 and 5:30, I want to say the deliverance took place. The thought the came to me was to do a Google search entitled: Online Deliverance Ministries, and that's where I came across website filled with the states, names, address, phone numbers, and ministry descriptions all across the country! The Lord knows, I didn't care who took me through the deliverance, at this point, I just wanted to be free from demonic forces. As I began phoning numbers, I found many had been disconnected with no forwarding number, so I kept going -- finally, someone was on the other end, and it was Pastor Costello! I wouldn't say this was a short deliverance, it took some time, and he has been graced by God with keen discernment, compassion, and patient. After barely getting through the introductions, the coughing began. Seemingly [to me that is] Pastor Costello was going to give me instruction on what I needed to do -- but, if that were the case, once he heard what was coming out of me, he said no those are demons, and he shared with me not to say a thing, but to let him pray. I was so thankful for the years I'd spent in this ministry, and was totally yielded to the Spirit of God at work in him. I followed every command without a problem, as Pastor Costello -- shifted Into to a higher gears in the Spirit Realm. Through a lot of coughing, gagging, blowing my noise as he prayed -- unrelenting against the forces of hell, I am totally delivered and totally set free! I can truthfully say, my body experienced a battle, but inside, I was filled with relief, peace and thanksgiving. I heard the voice of the Lord declare my freedom, and I saw the blood. The moment I saw the blood as he was praying, I knew a total victory in Jesus was mine! Pastor Costello, I would also like to take a few moments to thank you for the sound counsel and insight you shared by the Holy Spirit at work in you as well. I feel certain the praise reports will continue to come in, with praises of deliverance and victory!

May God ever bless you,

P.S. When I finally got home how pleasant it was to receive a follow-up call from you. Well, here's another praise -- I was feeling strong enough to spend some time with me -- so I decided to hang out with myself. And you know what, I had a wonderful time with me!!! Thank your for asking and believing -- cause I am truly rejoicing


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