Deception In The Church

Deception In The Church!

  • Sandy begins by describing his initial encounter with the New Apostolic Reformation while working as a missionary in Guam, which led him to investigate their movement.
  • The NAR teaches that there are foundational Apostles today that are equal to, if not greater than, the original twelve Apostles of the first century.
  • They teach that there is a transferrable impartation. The Holy Spirit can be imparted upon individuals by NAR “apostles”.
  • Sandy sees links between NAR, Emergent, and “Church Growth”; all coming out of Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • NAR puts together large-scale prayer meetings to lure in orthodox Christians to their methods and teachings.
  • NAR and Word-of-Faith come from the same roots, and have many similarities.
  • NAR seeks to take over the government, and Sandy asks what the difference is between “Christian Fascism” and “Islamic Fascism”?
  • Sandy asserts that NAR denies some of the fundamental, core doctrines of Christianity. This places them within the definition of a cult movement. Core doctrines that they deny include: the Trinity; the divinity and personhood of Christ (hypostatic union); salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone; the supremacy of Scripture in all matters of faith and practice; the fact that Christ is going to return bodily to judge and rule the Earth (dominionism requires us to conquer the Earth before He returns).
  • We discuss the prophetic element of NAR. The movement rarely references scripture, favoring instead “new revelation”. When they give prophesy over someone, they often just puff up the person they are supposedly prophesying over.
  • “Slain in the Spirit” is a practice that is common in the NAR. It was picked up by William Branham on a trip to India, and is just a repackaged version of the Hindu practice of shakti-pat.
  • Sandy explains the practice of diaprax, which is in use by various groups and forces hostile to Christianity. It pits a thesis against an anti-thesis. The two battle, eventually merging into a synthesis.
  • Scandals and immoral behavior often follow false teachers.
  • I ask Sandy to give his thoughts on a few of the players. Specifically I asked about Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickel.
  • NAR has a practice called “Prayer Walking” by which they supposedly cast out territorial demons.
  • The NAR has many similarities to the ancient gnostics. Namely, they place heavy emphasis on special knowledge (new revelation), and attempts to create a “higher order” of Christianity/Spirituality.
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