Deliverance Testimonies

TESTIMONY FROM THE WINTER CONFERENCE! 12-2016 My daughter Beth & I attended the Winter Conference in Oxford, NJ. I have been praying over my daughter for many years. Last week she came to me desperate and confided in me of a heroin addiction. I could see she was finally at a place where she was willing to accept Christ as her savior and walked her through the salvation prayer. Things begun to happen quickly . I attended a woman's meeting on Zoom with Tracy and a few other women who mentioned the conference and that we would greatly benefit. It was funded by God who touched the women (in another country) in this meeting and we were able to attend. I went with expectation of Deliverance for my daughter and we BOTH received deliverance. Soon as we arrived and the message went forth, I started manifesting a serpent spirit that had me in grips. Spirit of lust and perversion, Generational curses...and my daughter was delivered from Jezebel, addiction, sorcery and witchcraft, just to name a few. What took place at the conference through Love and the holy spirit was nothing short of a miracle for my family. To hear my daughter speak so highly of the church and the people she met, and how comfortable and loved that she felt, being met right where she was at, was heartwarming to me as her mother. I praise God for the ministry he has blessed Pastor Charles with. His love for God's people is extremely evident. The whole congregation came together to love us into freedom through Christ our Lord & savior. I would like to personally thank everyone who helped with the care of my grandchildren while my daughter & I received deliverance of demonic oppression. You made what would have been difficult, become easy, with all of your assistance with them.
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